About us

Intego means to protect in Latin. Intego Medical was created to ensure all people to best possible extent can protect themselves and the people around them without having to compromise on their life-style and everyday life as we know it.

Danish-Irish Partnership

Intego Medical was initiated as a Danish-Irish partnership in the middle of 2021 with the aim of bringing the highest possible quality and quantity of medicinal aids to Europe to alleviate and assist the struggle against the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. Through hard work and a sublime medicinal-industry network, we managed to offer the hard-pressed European markets high-quality antigen-tests and PPE (personal protective equipment), which we have specialized in doing ever since.

Intego Medical’s Mission

After having sold our products across the European continent, we have continually endeavored to facilitate and procure the best possible prices to end-consumers, organizations and institutional clients, without compromising on quality and efficiency in delivery. We continue to do so to this day, as we grow and expand both our product-offering and the scope of our markets across the Northern hemisphere.