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Antigen Rapid Test Kit 5-pack


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Lepu rapid antigen testkits offers a quick, simple and effective identification of all prevalent covid-19 variants. The test is:

  • Simple and non-invasive. It is conducted in very few, very easy steps. The non-irritable swab is only required to enter 2-3 cm into the nostrils, making it suitable and convenient for alle demographics.
  • Fast. The test procedure takes few seconds to understand and has a result ready in just 15 minutes.
  • Effective and precise. Our test is clinically proven to detect contagion in 95,06% of incidents in which it is present. It is likewise clinically proven to have a specificity of 98,20%, which translates into a mere 1,80% of false-positive tests.
  • Practical. Test is light, small and handy its design, making it significantly easier to bring with you on the go than other tests on the market.
  • Suited for all prevalent variants. The test reliably identifies contagion of all prevalent variants, including Omikron.
  • Affordable. At Intego Medical we sell our tests at a competitive price point despite its high-quality, since we are a small, specialized company with minimal overhead costs and little-to-no ad-spending.
  • Widely used. The test has proven its efficacy in use in multiple real-world contexts since the beginning of the pandemic. Many public and private institutions across the globe have already, and continue to, put it to use in keeping people and their organizational work-flows safe and undisturbed.
  • Certified. The test has been certified by a wealth of government agencies across the globe, including the EU and multiple national bodies of authority in the West.

In the case of larger orders or any other inquiry please contact

Free shipping on all orders above 50€ within the EU


The SARS-COV-2 Antigen Self-test contains three main elements for its use:

  • Test card: Book-shaped cardboard test card containing wherein the swab stick is inserted.
  • Sample treatment solution: Bottle containing sample treatment solution, which is applied to the swab stick after sample has been collected in the nostrils.
  • Nasal Inoculation Stick: Sterile inoculation stick.

We recommend watching the guide-video if the smallest amount of doubt as to the application of the test occurs. The package-leaflet which found either under ‘Documents’ or in the box contains all detailed information as it pertains to the test and its use.

How to use

The  rapid antigen test is designed to be as simple and convenient as possible without compromising the accuracy of its results.

We recommend watching the guide-video and reading the instructions printed on the testcard for the clearest possible instructions.

Put simply, the test is conducted as follows:

1: Put the testcard flat on a table and remove the adhesive layer above the test-well.

2: Open the nasal swab at the stick-end and rotate it 5 times 2-3cm into the front end of each nostril.

3: Insert the nasal swab into the well of the testcard and apply 6 drops of sample treatment solution.

4: Fold the testcard over and read the results after 15-20 minutes.

Please read the instructions for use carefully before performing the test.



Is the test as good as other tests on the market?

Our antigen test is of the highest quality, both in its precision, user-friendliness and shelf-life. It is of course less precise than the publicly-administered PCR-tests, but should be considered as a vital supplement to the general prevention and handling of Covid-19 outbreaks.

Is the test certified by the authorities?

All relevant governing bodies have certified the test. That includes the Irish, Danish, German and many more governments and the EU. Find the CE-certification under ‘Documents’.

Why choose your test?

At Intego Medical we are able to sell tests of the highest quality available considerably cheaper than our competitors, since we are a small Irish-Danish family owned business that doesn’t raise prices in order to cover expenditures on advertising, company cars, business trips and the like. Instead we sell our products directly to the consumer with minimal profit.

For any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact os at

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Your test is brilliant! To be honest it picked up when I was positive 2 weeks ago and it prevented me from going in to work! Delighted!
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I was worried about meeting friends after being away and I took an Antigen test to make sure I wasn’t carrying Covid! The Test was so simple to use and gave me great piece of mind knowing I was negative.
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I had taken other Antigen tests before for work and then I used yours for personal use and there is no comparison it is so simple to use, and I will defiantly be using them from now on.
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I regularly test myself with Antigen tests and this is the one I have found to be the easiest to use. The instructions are so clear and it is not a hassle to use.
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Very simple to use and results in less than 15 minutes which is exactly what I wanted in a test.
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Much cheaper than other tests I have bought in the past and they are much easier to use as well. From order to delivery, we had received them within 48 hours. Great service.
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