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High Precision

“Clinically proven to provide accurate test results, which means you avoid false-negative and -positive results to highest possible degree.”
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Quick, Easy and Non-invasive

The test provides reliable results by a simple procedure without the need for inserting the swab deep into the nostrils, why it is particularly well-suited to children, the elderly and anyone who might experience discomfort by the widespread invasive tests on the market.

Your result is ready in just 15 minutes.


Our antigen rapid tests are CE-certified according to the European Union standards and approved by multiple government agencies around the globe,
including the German, Swiss, Irish, Austrian, UK, Danish, Norwegian, and more. Many public and private institutions already put them to use in ensuring our health and safety every day.

Lepu Antigen tests

At Intego Medical we are approved by the national and international medical authorities as the exclusive distributor of Lepu Medical antigen rapid tests in our territory. Lepu Medical is a medicinal giant, which is highly specialized in research and production of competitive and consumer-friendly products in the fight against pandemic outbreaks.